Friday, September 2, 2011

Charming Charleston

I really don’t travel that much for my job but it seems like this summer has really been non-stop.  I have been lucky in that the places I have had to visit have all been really exceptional places.  My recent trip to Charleston was no different – such a lovely place I really think I could easily live there!
I was there to present to another group of co-workers.  When booking my travel I really was not sure what time my presentation was so flew in the day before and scheduled a late evening flight home after my meeting.  I ended up having a mid-afternoon timeslot so was lucky enough to have a bit time to explore.
Thanks to my good friend Mr. Bing I happened upon the online version of Charleston Home & Design Magazine and was from there able to scope out a whole list of “must see” Charleston shops.  It gave me a really great way to plot a plan of action to best utilize my time. 
It was also the catalyst for me to start my “shop bucket list” – a list of great places I read about.  I’m always making notes of these must see’s and then scampering to find my notes when I am actually planning a trip.  I put it in Excel so I can sort by town/state and I can also include things like shop hours, website, etc.  I feel more organized already.
So the first place on my new bucket list is a store named Celadon.  As I was heading toward the store from the airport a Celadon truck crossed my path – I took this as a sign that I was on the right path. 
1015 Johnnie Dobbs Blvd., Mt Pleasant SC

Love the floor treatment - this is a very industrial
looking interior but don't be fooled - they have
such beautiful things!
Celadon is a local Charleston home furnishings store and let me tell you I could have easily spent hours and furnished several homes in this store.  The prices were awesome and there was literally something to appeal to pretty much everyone. 
I love the shape of these chairs - very chic

Isn't this just lovely - not your typical
"eco-friendly" look
Their look is pretty global rustic chic (if you can even imagine that).  According to a sign I saw at their shop Celadon is a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council and pride themselves on their eco-friendly mission.  I for one have a huge appreciation for this – I may not always take the eco-friendly route but I certainly greatly admire those who do!
Love the colors!

This is what made it into my still
way to small suitcase..great
for spoons & utensils

They also have an offsite warehouse where they sell their discontinued and overstock furniture items. The warehouse store is only open for 4-hours twice a week – can you even believe my luck that I just happened to be in the area when the warehouse store was open?  This place made me want to rent a U-Haul load it up and drive it home full of wonderful goodies.

Celadon Warehouse Store
2221 Noisette Blvd., North Charleston SC
open Wed & Sat 10-1 only

These were so cool - stools
made from sugar sacks!

This small trunk was tempting!  It would
look so great as an end table next to
my sofa.

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