Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Drizzly Day at Pete's Place

On a rainy (well, really more drizzly than downpour) fall day in New England can you think of anything better to do than visit an architectural salvage site?

No, well neither could my BFF and I when a couple of weeks ago we decided that it was finally time to head to Pete’s Place (aka Truck Stop Antiques) on Route 202 in Hollis ME, a former “junk yard” that she had spotted and was dying to check out.  Actually, there were a ton of more ideal rainy day options but we just couldn't wait any longer to find out just what Pete’s was about.

What could be better than a HUGE yellow polka dot bear???

The majority of Pete’s goodies were stored in trailers in a large field…very accessible but a little difficult to navigate in “challenging” weather (and cute shoes) and boy were we putting our IPhone flashlight app’s to good use but as the postal service says…”neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night”…

Pete has a large inventory of library catalogs & industrial storage solutions
all of it so great...I just need to get that workshop reno going now.

Lots of both metal and wooden crates

There is a shop on the property but it wasn't entirely open yet on the Sunday morning when we visited so we stuck to the yard and with the ok of Pete (who happened to be onsite doing maintenance work) explored at our leisure.

And lots and lots of sinks of every shape, color, style

Now, Pete’s Place is vastly different than Mason Brothers (check my visit to MB out here) or The Old House Parts Company (and my visit to OHPC here) in that it was a little more Sanford & Sons than Restoration Hardware but wow he has some great stuff!

Aren't these just magnificent windows?

Love all of the colors, shapes & sizes

The inventory at Pete’s is huge…if he doesn’t have what anyone is looking for I would be shocked.
It ended up being a really fun idea inspiring visit and after a good long look we left over stimulated, a bit hungry and more than a bit chilled.


and Pulleys

So what better to solve all three than a quick lunch at the Maine Diner in Wells ME…now if you have never been or heard of the Maine Diner let me tell you you’re missing out...their lobster pie is divine!

Phenominal Lobster Quiche
Photo courtesy of Kate Nolan-Denham of
Scissors, Spatulas and Sneakers

On this particular day soup and a sandwich seemed more in order to warm the bones…except of course we swapped the sandwich for some lobster quiche…yes I said lobster quiche.  Oh my…highly recommended!


  1. We LOVE Pete's Place too! How about that bear?! And those spools have us thinking!

    We have never stopped by Maine Diner, but that Lobster Pie looks AMAZING!! We'll be sure to put it on our 'to do' list!

    1. I know those spools have amazing potential my ideas have been churning since my visit. Yes, you must try the Maine Diner! Scott's Antique Market is on my short list so I'm keeping an eye on your finds :)

  2. I would give anything to have tagged along with you two!!!!
    What fun and what a meal!!!
    Mmm Mmm Good


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