Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

A bright Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago I headed out on what has become my routine weekend treasure hunt.  I love it when it’s nice warm fall day with a coffee in hand…
On this particular Saturday there were so many good sales – at least it appeared so by the ads on Craig’s List.  It was tough to narrow them down but in the end I decided to head toward Arlington.  I have not really spent any time in Arlington so definitely don’t know the area well but do know it’s full of beautiful older homes that have just the kind of goodies I love.
This house in Arlington was a cool old Georgian style home and filled with mid-century things.  Loved, loved, loved the house (as usual) and all its nooks & crannies but it was definitely like walking back into 1962.  There were two treasures I found…as soon as I came in the front door this mirror & shelf were hanging dead ahead.  I’m not sure I would have normally been so excited except they were marked $10 for both!!!  They were originally $20 for both but since it was later in the sale they were half off.  Can you believe it??? 
You have to look beyond the dated gold paint..
this mirror has beautiful lines
And it has a "matching"shelf
It does take some vision to see beyond the gold paint but I immediately loved the shape and started to consider what color would make them pop.
Pop of color...
Starting the painting - am now glad I kept those moving boxes
they make a great surface to paint on.

 I ended up with this green color because it’s an accent color I am bringing into my bathroom (in small doses - just enough to add interest) but believe it or not after I painted the mirror, reassembled and moved the mirror that is currently in my bathroom I am left not at all convinced that it is the right mirror for this space.  I love the mirror and really love the new color but somehow the size just seems a little off...
My current Bathroom mirror - I really do
like it but thought the green one might
add a new pizzaz

Freshly painted and reassembled.  Love the
finished product.
 I do love it though so will definitely find another place for it (perhaps in someone else’s home…).  The green really makes it pop and is so fun.  I still have to paint the shelf but am thinking of maybe painting it Navy so it’s not too matchy matchy but will coordinate nicely.  So many options….