Friday, September 23, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

This week’s work adventure took me to Las Vegas for a conference.  As usual the pace was frantic but unlike most trips I didn’t build in any time for fun non-traditional Las Vegas exploration.  For some reason Las Vegas beyond the strip is a little intimidating to me.  I think there is so much action on the strip I can’t imagine life outside of it and am almost afraid I might be disappointed by the mundane everyday life of it. So, the strip it is….
There were so many inspiring visuals on my visit – such beautiful restaurants with accents that you could definitely incorporate into your home.  Lamps, rugs, art it would all work.
The first night we ate at Mix at Mandalay Bay – let me just say I’m not sure I’ve seen many restaurants more beautiful than this one.  It’s located at the top of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and has spectacular views of the Las Vegas skyline.  It almost feels like you’re eating in the clouds.  It’s very white and quite mod but sooooo pretty (and as a bonus the food was aaaammmmaaaazzzziiiinnnnggg)!

Mix at Mandalay - dining in a cloud
photo courtesy of yelp

photo courtesy of yelp
The blown glass bubbles were just fabulous! 
photo courtesy of yelp
Continuing on the mod theme…the next night we went to see the Cirque du Soleil Love show at The Mirage.  Oh-my-gosh I’m still trying to take all of it in 4 days later – so much visual stimulation!  I can’t say enough good things about this show.  I’m not sure I came away with any defined decor idea’s but I’m sure something will creep out of the recesses of my brain when I’m least expecting it and this spectacle will  be my primary reference point.
Cirque Du Soleil Love @ The Mirage
photo courtesy of google images

The costumes were just amazing - I can't even
imagine the creativity that came up with these.
photo courtesy of google images

This photo while a bit blurry encompassed much of my
impression of the show....lots of color, inspirational color
photo courtesy of google images
 On my third & last night in Las Vegas was the moment where I looked at a television mounted on the wall encased in a beautiful frame at Nove Italiano at The Palms and thought oh my, that is a fabulous idea that I will be stealing.  I don’t think this is a new idea but somehow I seem to have overlooked it until now. 
I love this - it takes some of the electronics look out of
the flat courtesy of me (can't you tell by
the poor quality).
Nove Italiano was such a great restaurant in every way possible…décor, service, food.  The ultimate trifecta right?  We had such a good time and our waiter was so welcoming he literally made you feel like he was hosting you at a party in his home.   Highly recommend!
Aren't these possibly the most beautiful chandeliers
you have ever seen?  Those are all crystals reflecting that
pink light.
 Funny story about our experience at Nove...we were supposed to be a party of about 15 but it ended up only 5 of us could make it.  The desserts were pre-ordered when the dinner was initially planned and instead of cancelling them our host embraced the order and the treats just kept coming...all so yummy!  Many ended up as take out and let me tell you they were a welcome snack at 5 am on the red eye somewhere over Minneapolis!

This gives a whole new meaning to dessert
Well, I’m finally looking at a break in my travel schedule for a while so look forward to some more regional New England posts upcoming.  It will be so nice to share some of my favorite things a little closer to home in my favorite season…Fall.

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