Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank You Irene

I want to express my personal thanks to Hurricane Irene for helping to remind me how much I love 1970’s girlfriend comedies. 
This past weekend Irene blew through and luckily it didn’t hit the North shore too badly…a few boats beached, a few trees lost and a few days without electricity.  Sure could have been worse…of course I was not thinking this way as I worked my way through 3 days without power. 
I love reading so didn’t miss modern entertainment much until last night.  It was just too dark and too quiet at my house.  So, I logged on to Hulu and did some quick browsing to find something that would speak to me (literally)…I found Rhoda.
One of my all-time favorite shows ever is the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  As a kid I thought she just had the life…beautiful clothes, glamorous job and her own apartment where she could stay up as late as she wanted (I had an 8pm bedtime) with friends coming and going.  Even at 10 years old I had huge appreciation for her apartment.  Mary was the ultimate in glamorous to my mind.
Rhoda was Mary’s best girlfriend who after a few seasons living in the (very pink) apartment above Mary moved home to New York and into her own show.  She was a department store window decorator so of course she had a fabulous New York apartment.   I thought this was just great then and I have to say I still love it.  It’s so dated looking but so fun!

Rhoda's sister Brenda's apartment.  The posters
are so reminiscent of the 70's

Rhoda with her sister Brenda & husband Joe...look at
those textiles.  So fun!

Rhoda & Brenda in Brenda's kitchen...my Dad had a
refrigerator just like this one.  He covered the front with orange
and brown mushroom contact paper...he thought it was
If you’re not familiar you should definitely check it out.  My favorite episode is season 1 episode 4 “Parents' Day” - so funny!

Photos from sitcomsonline.com

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