Saturday, September 10, 2011

Charleston...What's in a Name

So, I am still in search of the perfect wallpaper for a couple of offbeat places in my home and I am still striking out finding anywhere that stocks it.  I am determined though…I will persevere and find the perfect thing…somewhere, somehow.
I continued on this quest while I was in Charleston at a shop called Not Just Fabric.  I found this shop in Charleston Home & Design’s online magazine and they sounded like just what I was looking for…..carrying fabrics, vanities, window treatments, trims, wallpaper & furniture.  Awesome right?  Well, I hate to pop the bubble but I saw very little at Not Just Fabrics except….fabric.
Not Just Fabrics
1610 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., Charleston SC
If you are looking for beautiful upholstery or window treatment fabric at really great bargain prices this is a fabulous place.  There were so many patterns I was lured by…if I only had been prepared with some measurements and not been overwhelmed by the number of things I loved.  I will go back and next time, watch out!
Love the Green fabric in the middle - this would be
so fabulous for my Adirondack Chairs cushions

Oh my gosh that lobster fabric is so fun!  It
came in Navy too...
If you are looking for anything other than fabric and are counting on this to be your resource you’re likely out of luck.  They had a few wallpaper books you can order from (nothing in stock) and a few miscellaneous decorative items but Not Just Fabric was really “Just Fabric”.  Not necessarily a bad thing…they did offer up some really fabulous fabric options!
Am loving the oranges these days and
am especially loving all of the Sale tags
at Not Just Fabrics!
My next stop was Chic Antiques, a consignment antique boutique.  From their website I could tell this was just my kind of place – fun pretty vintage things.  When I arrived it was not at all what I expected – mostly vintage inspired newer pieces and repurposed consignment items. 
Chic Antiques
675-D Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Mt Pleasant, SC
There were many many items I drooled over but definitely not your traditional “antique” shop.  Again, not necessarily a bad thing….
This was what welcomed me...Love!
 One of the things that I really am inspired by these days is traditional furniture that is painted an unexpected color.  Chic Antiques had so many pieces that were such fun colors.  I mean I don’t think I would have the nerve to paint a huge china cabinet pink (a deep reddish pink but none-the-less pink) but the first vignette right up front at Chic Antiques featured just that and let me tell you…FABULOUS!
Such fun colors - this was more of a pink red in person
Chic Antiques also has a phenomenal selection of lamps & chandeliers.  Loved every single one of them!  It took everything in my being to restrain myself from buying all of them.  I guess its luck that I had just finished replacing the fixtures in my house so I couldn’t justify a purchase, don’t know if that’s good luck or bad luck though.
Feeding my Lamp Obsession
All in all neither store was what I expected from the name of the shop but both were definitely wonderful places.

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