Sunday, June 12, 2011

Zimman's Fabric Fabulocity

Let me just start this post by stating “I don’t sew”. 
I wish I sewed, I have lots of ideas of fabulous things I could make if I sewed and I even have “plans” to sit down and sew some of these things….someday.  But as of today, I don’t sew.
My grandmother was a seamstress by trade and was massively talented in the art of sewing, knitting, crocheting, rug hooking, etc. (as were most of the elder women in my family).  She even upholstered her own furniture…I did not inherit her skills.
Now of course, the fact that I do not sew does not stop me from drooling over lovely fabrics and trims and there is no place better to do said drooling than Zimman’s in Lynn MA. 

80 Market St., Lynn MA
 Zimman’s is an old (very old) department store that now is 4 floors of every kind of fabric and trim imaginable – 2 of the floors are filled with really interesting unique furniture pieces (all fabulously upholstered, of course).  The charm brought by the original tin ceiling and grand staircase remain but instead of your average department store it’s really a decorators dream now.
Decorated Nook coming down the stairs - makes you
want to bring a book and stay awhile doesn't it.
3rd floor Furniture...
So, I was recently traveling through Lynn and decided to stop by Zimman’s on a whim.  I am looking for some cool Thibaut wallpaper for a possible guest room project (hint: ceiling...) and thought perhaps I might get lucky and find what I have in my head sitting out just waiting for me to find it. 

Thibaut Gatehouse Collection, April Pattern
One quick side note, I just have one question regarding this wallpaper search….does anyone stock wallpaper anymore or does it all have to be custom ordered???  Makes it tough for those of us who need to see & touch before committing (sound familiar anyone?). 

 Well, unfortunately my quest for an in person visit with this fabulous wallpaper was not to be but I did stop by furniture...
Where I found this fabulous
lamp that is just calling to
come home with me...
and this stunner!
And a visit to Zimman's wouldnt be complete without a stop to the closeout basement...

 and of course found this beautiful piece of fabric that I just had to have. 

 I “plan” on making a shower curtain with - how hard can it be right?  All I can say is stay tuned and wish me luck with the button holes…


  1. We should take a sewing class together! I save all kinds of patterns and pictures but I really just "mock" sew. :) Would love to go back to this little spot with you one day.

  2. Kelly, I just remembered that you told Leslie and I about your blog, but I never checked it out...until now.... It is fabulous! You're doing a great job! I love your pics and think you have a fun writing style! I, too, want to learn to sew someday! :) Keep up the good blogging! -Lisa


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