Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Charlotte or Bust...

Last week I was in Charlotte to present at an operational regional meeting.  I love Charlotte great weather, yummy southern food, fun city and it is a super easy flight (2ish hours direct from Boston) so it’s just a real pleasure all around.  The unfortunate timing of this trip was the meeting was scheduled right in the middle of my vacation soooo I made lemonade out of lemons and took the opportunity to stay a few extra days and visit with some good friends who spend their summers in Calabash NC. 
After I finished my part at the meeting I decided to venture out to see what was near my hotel for excitement.  I was staying in Pineville just outside of Charlotte and after poking around Bing a bit I discovered that historic Pineville was fairly close to my hotel and appeared to be loaded with antique and fun shops.  I was very excited and thought I would head out in the morning have a nice lovely breakfast and meander for a bit.  It all sounded so perfect…
Main Street Pineville
And the other side of Main Street Pineville
The next morning, I arrived and was immediately struck by the fact that it was not nearly as bustling as the town website had made it seem.  But I did not let that deter me….I quickly headed into the first shop only to find it was a used book store where everything was $1 (or so the sign said).

Regrettably it was a real miss (apparently sometimes you can judge a book by its cover) so I moved on to the next shop and this is what I found:
Unexpected on a Wed morning
...out of luck

It was all more of the same until I spotted the only open shop - Bargain House. 
Bargain House
A Nice Second Hand Shop
330 Main Street
Pineville, NC
This is a nice little shop at the end of the block where there were 2 lovely ladies busily working while I was there spiffing up their shop (although they were not to busy to make sure I didn't need any help).  It’s not a huge shop but is filled with some unusual things - nothing that compelled me to ship it home but still fun to poke around.
This picture was really cool.  It was much
larger than this photo appears - probably
3ft tall by 2 1/2 ft wide

Can't imagine this in my house but it
is interesting...

 So, for the most part this leg of the trip was a bust…stay tuned though because Calabash is a whole other story!

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