Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey HGTV Ripped Me Off!

One of my favorite things to do on a rainy Sunday is to stay indoors with a good book and veg out enjoying the rare moments when I can be still without guilt.  Well, we seem to be having our fair share of rainy Sunday’s lately and this past Sunday was no different. 
So, I spent my morning diving in to the stack of books I just picked up at my soon to be closing L Borders (can you say 50% off J) and my afternoon catching up on all of the bad reality competition TV I had saved on my DVR. 
I am now totally caught up on who is going to be the next Food Network Star (congrat’s Jeff - although I hate to say it but it’s highly unlikely I’ll actually ever really watch his show) and who the real contenders are on HGTV’s Design Star.
Wow it’s an interesting group this year and I really love to see the stuff they come up with.  Imagine how excited I was on last week’s episode when Meg put a “board with holes in it” (otherwise known by us professionals by a peg board LOL) in her designer kitchen to hang pots from.

Meg's challenge partner Kevin presenting their kitchen
(pegboard in the back)

HGTV pegboard up close - they could have
at least framed it out or something...
Mrs. Johnson who lived in my house for 60+ years before I bought it was so far ahead of her time…she had peg boards installed in the stairway off my kitchen.  They were in desperate need of a nice coat of paint and some new hooks but I thought they were great and kept them and you guessed it hung my pots from them!
My pegboard - fresh coat of Ben Moore
"Celadon" paint
I’m sure Mrs. Johnson had no idea she was so styling with her peg board but hey if a designer on HGTV presented it must be a good idea right?

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