Sunday, March 2, 2014

Joyeux Noel from the South of France - Part 4, Isle Le Sorge

My next day in France I headed out to see some of the antique markets Provence is known for. First stop, a small market in Avignon.  There was a small market that was just a short walk from my hotel sounded perfect to me.  I headed out with walking directions in hand - no GPS since I had not had the foresight to enable my cellphone with international service before I left the states.  I really didn't think I would need it, and I really didn't necessarily need it...but it sure would have come in handy in several instances.

Well, the walk over turned out to be such a pleasant way to start a day.  It was early, so quiet and really gave me some time to appreciate my surroundings and the just utter beauty in the architectural detail of even the most ordinary of buildings 

Given this is not tourist season in Avignon the market definitely reflected that.  It was small and more of a flea market than an "antiques" market.  

Avignon Sunday Market
So after a quick perusal, I headed to what I was told was one of the more beautiful towns in the area that was supposed to have a spectacular market - Isle le Sorge.  Ok, riding through the beautiful French countryside to get to this market..not a bad gig at all.   I think there were a few Frenchmen cursing the Sunday driver though.

Isle le Sorge is built on a river so the market follows the path of the river with stalls along its length.  It was a spectacularly beautiful day and I don't think I could have planned for a better way to spend it.  

Isle Le Sorge France

There was everything from rotisserie chicken to French linen & pottery to antique silver and furniture at this market.

Lesson learned from this can charge a whole lot more when your silver is nicely polished :)

This man was making basket bags while folks watched.  Just beautiful.
Not a disappointment...

My final day in France I traveled back to Nice returned my rental car and hopped a train to Eze.  Several of my friends had rave reviews about Eze and it really was spectacular.

Eze France
I had such a wonderful visit.  Now I just need to learn to speak a little French before my next visit.  

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  1. That looks like a fabulous market. Your photographs are so bright and lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oh my word, this is total heaven. Gorgeous pictures and scenery and I could have gotten in big trouble at the market. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. this is getting me excited! i am going to france for the first time in just a few weeks. hope you had a fabulous time!

  4. What a wonderful trip--love the market photos, but what did you buy?!! Would love to see and hear :) Visiting via TTF, Diana

  5. This totally makes me want to go! Aweosme!

    Shannon ~

  6. Beautiful photos and the I saw several pieces at the market that I would be interested in. What did tou buy? I saw your link at Life on Lakeshore Drive. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey


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