Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mission Nobleboro Antique Exchange

The first time I visited Nobleboro Antique Exchange it was because I had been sent on a mission.  My grandmother, who if you’ve been reading this blog you know loved antiquing or as she called it “junking”, had been ill and not able to get around like she used to but had read about Nobleboro Antique Exchange and was dying to know all about it.  She didn’t feel like she could manage the cavernous expanse of this shop – 3 floors and room after room.  She was probably right but sure did enjoy sending me to get the skinny.
Well, this weekend I was in Maine for my class reunion.  I can’t believe so many years have passed since I have seen most of these folks – I was the girl who left my hometown and never really returned (except for Christmas and occasional summer visits of course).   It was so nice to see everyone and hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of everyone’s life stories. 
And since I was in the area I of course could not pass by the opportunity to stop by some of my favorite old haunts. 
104 Atlantic Highway (RT 1)
Nobleboro ME
Nobleboro Antique Exchange is on Atlantic Highway (Route 1) in Nobleboro Maine.  The first time I visited it was pretty much a normal antique shop with many vendors renting out booths - great variety of goods and something for everyone.  In the intervening years it has evolved into more – they still have the same variety of goods everything from Victorian antiques to mid-century kitsch but now they offer restoration/repair services, jewelry repair, custom framing, etc. as well as some more modern decorative items. 
A nice selection of Tiffany items fill one whole case!
The front room is rented out by Sweet Woodruff and is stocked with lovely pillows, painted furniture and garden collectibles that includes a family of garden ducks.  I loved everything in this room and am totally going to copy the yellow dresser they had for sale!
Love this color!  I am definitely using this in
one of my rooms!
Wouldn't these just look divine in my
The downstairs hasn’t changed as much from the first time I visited with booths filled with kitschy “antiques” and collectibles.  So fun!  If you are looking to replicate that 1950’s chrome & Pyrex look this is your place.
One of my other grandmothers had a similar table
when I was  kid...her house looked a little like 1953
but she liked it.

These make me think of my Aunt Hilda who
had a vintage radio in her kitchen and I have wonderful
memories of "Mr Sandman" playing on it when I was a kid.
Upstairs has become less about more of the same and more about a reading room with vintage books as well as a nice collection of vintage magazine ads.  Last year, I bought a really cool Max Factor ad to hang in my bathroom.  Now I just have to get around to framing it.
Such cool vintage ads for any purpose you can imagine

British Royal Family Commerative Cups
They have massively expanded their vintage jewelry selection with a large part of the cash wrap area filled with all the bling a girl could ask for.
One other notable addition is the large room in the middle that is dedicated to restoration, framing, jewelry and clock repair.  It appears that if you break it they can definitely fix it.
Nobleboro Antiques holds a special place in my heart as I will always recall recounting what I found the first time I visited with my grandmother and how excited she was to hear of all the treasures it had.  I have since been able to share this spot with my Aunt who enjoys it as much as I do.

Blueberry Flats - I lasted 1/2 day raking
blueberries when I was a kid...way too
much work for too little yield for me!
Love the decorative feeling of these though...

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