Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Happens in Burlington...Mason Brothers Salvage

For over the last 20 years my Mom has been living in St Albans Vermont (for those who don’t know St Albans is almost as far northwest as you can get in VT before you reach Canada) and for the last 5+ she has been contemplating retirement and a move back to Maine.  Well, a couple of months ago it finally happened; she sold her house, retired and moved.
With the closing date rapidly approaching I headed up for a weekend to share my wealth of knowledge as it relates to packing & moving (I’ve certainly done my share!).  After 2 full days of boxes, tape and packing paper I hit the road to meander home and on the way visit some of my old Burlington haunts. 
My first apartment ever as an 18 year old was in Burlington and I took a year off from college and lived there when I was 21…Burlington is a wonderful place that holds warm phenomenal memories for me.  Some people say “what happens in Vegas…” well for me it’s “what happened in Burlington…”
My first apartment was in this old school on Pine Street
in Burlington VT...such good times happened here!
Most of my old favorite spots have long since closed or turned into some kind of chain coffee shop but I soon discovered a couple of new favorite spots.  My first stop, Mason Brothers at 11 Maple St/Five Corners in Essex Junction VT is an architectural salvage shop that I literally could have spent hours in.  There were so many pristine home pieces and parts that were cleanly and perfectly displayed.  No crawling through the dirt at Mason Brothers (my kind of place)!
Grate covers - these are so awesome!  I can think of so many
things to do with these...they would make great wall art.
If this had only fit in my car....
Not really my style but how cool is it these throne
like chairs are for sale at an architectural salvage
Vintage light fixtures, cabinets, doors, bathroom fixtures, farm sinks, stained glass windows…oh my...even some unique vintage furniture pieces.  Mason Brothers has it all and more.
Heavenly cabinetry - they just don't make it like this anymore
I love this sink and how cool is it that the vanity part is this
gorgeous marble?
 It’s important when you have an older home to keep the integrity of the bones of that home and places like Mason Brothers really are key in providing products that allow for upgrades/renovation while retaining that integrity. 
If you can't find the perfect hardware here
it doesn't exist!
Again, I literally could have spent hours at this place and would likely have never seen everything.

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  1. jealous...jealous...jealous. Next time I'm up that way, you are going to have to take me up there. :-) I'm glad your mom is moving closer to you.


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