Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sweet Charitable Austin

You know those silly little city magazines & books that they leave on your desk in hotels that you are just too busy sleeping to read?  Well, while you all are sleeping I am reading them and while they are mostly full of advertisements and directions to the closest Marshalls they also often do offer some hint of a lead to somewhere I must see in whatever city I am in. 
This was how I found 26 Doors shopping center (26 "upscale" i.e. swanky boutiques & salons) in Austin and how I stumbled into the so fun Sweet Charity, a home accessory shop that not only sells beautiful items but also makes the world a better place J.

Sweet Charity
1206 West 38th Street, Ste 1101
Austin, TX 78705

Their stated mission from their website is:  “Sweet Charity is a project of the Seton Healthcare Family and is staffed by volunteers. Proceeds benefit the Sweet Charity Fund, an endowment that helps fund healthcare services for low-income families at the Seton Community Health Centers  What could be better right – beautiful decorative items and helping the less fortunate.  It’s a win-win!
This fella greeted me when I came in the door.
I immediately knew it was my kind of place!
One of the things that I love about the south (and southwest apparently) is the love of decorating to excess for every holiday from Halloween to Labor Day and every holiday in between.  Decorated trees are not just for Christmas and one of the lovely ladies that happened to be working at Sweet Charity while I was visiting was chatting about all of the trees she decorates for the holidays.  She has them in every shape, color, style and apparently decorates every room in her home (as well as her daughters) with a different themed tree for Christmas.  It just sounds like such a winter wonderland…she should definitely start her own business!
This lovely Easer Tree was decorated with
the most beautiful glass egg ornaments
that just shimmered.
With this holiday spirit in mind I couldn’t help but just drool over all of the absolutely beautiful Easter decorations for sale at Sweet Charity.  Even if we had not been enjoying an early spring this shop would put you in the mood.  Colorful eggs & chicks oh my!

This chandelier was featured over a gorgeous farmers table with
the most beautiful white fabulous!
There was a selection of beautiful picnic accoutrements, lovely serving dishes, as well as a whole wall of kitchen gadgets.  This shop’s clear mission is to make the world a more beautiful place and definitely does just that.
Love this decopaged galvanized steel tray!  You
can't imagine the contemplation that went on in
my head over the end I decided I didn't
reeeaaallly need it...I'm still debating though.

Wall O-Gadgets

And you know me and
the lamps....LOVE!

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