Sunday, November 18, 2012

A "Re-framing" Weekend

This weekend was just the perfect weekend, good friends, lots of laughs and a project or two.  What could be more fun than that?

We had been trying to get together for a bit so when we all finally had the time we decided to just make it low key and hang at my house & catch up.

We also had a project that we wanted to experiment with.  When I was in Austin a while back I had seen a fabulous picture frame in one of the lovely little shops I visited.  My first though was how great is this frame?  My second and more important thought (after I saw the $80+ price) was I could so make this…so I took a picture for inspiration for a future day.

After getting back home I emailed the picture to two of my closest pals and we started planning our day of “reframing” together.  Well, that was last spring and we’ve all had so many other things going on since then that we just haven’t gotten to it.

So when we were planning our weekend get together this weekend I pulled out the inspiration picture and we all sat down and got to work.

I had picked up these basic frames for $2 each at a salvage/odd lots store

My habit of saving broken jewelry (missing stones, worn finish, singular earrings, etc) as well as clipping off any shoe adornments or buttons before trashing well worn (ok, over worn) shoes/clothes really helped.  Really anything that blings gets dissected before it hits the trash curb.

My box of jewels ready for a repurpose
Yes, I even took these off FLIP FLOPS!  And they ended up looking
fab on Pam's frame!
A little paint and glue and there you have a fun filled afternoon.

My pals & I have been close friends for over 20 years and we all have much in common but this project really shows how different the three of us see things.  It’s funny how we all started out with exactly the same supplies and the same inspiration picture and how different our finished products look.

Pam's is on the left, mine center and Kate's is right

We all had so much fun we have now decided to start a new craft club….sort of like a book club with the wine and socializing but an afternoon of creativity instead of intellectual discussion (because that’s what all book clubs are right?).

I’m already looking forward to our next “meeting”.

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