Thursday, October 18, 2012

2102 Summer Project - Update

It’s been several weeks now since I first told you about my “what was I thinking 2012 summer project” (you can see the beginnings of it here).  Progress is now reached that snail’s pace with Fall in New England bringing shorter days and so many other fun things to distract me.  Although slow,  progress is still progress, right?

Just a quick reminder of the before color - this is the side of my house
(the window air conditioner unit is long gone)

So most of the house is painted – just one more coat on the far side and I’m done with the “easy” part.  Next comes trim and I have finally accepted that as much as I think I can do anything getting, on that roof to finish the dormers just isn’t in my future.

My backdoor - long term plan is to move this door to the back of my house
but for now it's still on the side (and it's now black).

In the spirit of full disclosure though, on bright Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago I did get up on the roof and gave it the good old college try.  Started the painting but was a bit too distracted with my knees shaking to stay up and finish what I had barely started.  I might have been up on that roof maybe 3 minutes before I headed back down the ladder…at least I tried right?

Getting there..(take special notice of the little white cottage next to my house).
Weather permitting trim & shutters are on the agenda for this weekend

The good news is help is coming soon to take care of those pesky dormers.

Funny story:  My neighbors have all been very interested in what is going on at my house this summer as I’ve been outside working (in a very non-nosey non-intrusive kind of way of course – I have great neighbors!).  My neighbor Jay whose little cottage home is the white one right next to mine has been sharing with me his plans for all kinds of DIY projects for a while but hasn’t had a chance to really start anything since I’ve lived next to him (MBA + busy schedule can do that to you).

I hadn’t seen Jay much this summer but one day I was enjoying a quick cup of coffee before getting going on my painting and something flying past my window caught my eye – a piece of siding from his house.  I saw the siding but didn’t see Jay so all I could think was “crap is it that windy out that his siding is blowing off”?  I know, seems like such a blond thought…did I mention I had just started my morning coffee?

Well, it wasn’t the wind – it was Jay.  Apparently me spending days on end painting my house had “shamed” him into action and he decided to finally take the not so attractive vinyl siding off his house and put up the cedar shingles he had been planning since he bought the house 6 years ago.  Glad I could offer up the inspiration Jay :-)

And...Jay's "what was I thinking" project.

Well, I still have the “what was I thinking” mantra going through my head but I that light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear (although admittedly it’s still a bit dim).  Will keep pushing toward it!


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