Sunday, July 22, 2012

Plan B part 2 - Pallian & Company

Last winter on my way home from my family Christmas I decided to take “the scenic route”…from Portland ME Route 1 toward Boston…unthinkable in the summer months with all of the tourist (or better know as "people from away") traffic but in late December perfect opportunity for aimless meandering along the coast of Maine.

My initial plan was to head toward the infamous Maine Diner in Wells ME for breakfast and see what I trouble I could find along the way.  Given it was just after Christmas I knew it was just a matter of time until a big sale sign called my name….and it didn’t take long. 
Pallian & Company
2049 Post Road Wells ME
Pallian & Company in Wells was my first stop. Not only had I never been to this shop I had never even noticed it on this stretch of Route 1…a very non-descript building…so I really have no idea why I made the U-turn to check it out….but I am soooo glad I did.  This place is cottage chic at its greatest!

This is my favorite of all of the rooms at Pallian...beautiful
sea greens/blues are everywhere!

So, on my Plan B excursion a couple of weeks ago with by best girlfriend Kate from Scissors, Spatula’s & Sneakers I just knew I had to take her to Pallian & Company. Just as expected she was drooling as much (well almost) as I was over their gorgeous wares.

Love, love, love Pine Cone Hill linens!  So pretty & so
They had these in 2 sizes...oh how I debated...I
have almost convinced myself to go back for
them...It's more than a possibility...
Does this look familiar?  It does to looks an awful
lot like the blue plate I bought in Calabash NC last year...
see More Calabash Design...
Growing up on the coast of Maine sea inspired decorative items are like home to me.  I love the array of beautiful & chic beachy items in this shop. I could literally take everything home with me.

Many years ago I stumbled upon a documentary on PBS
about Cuba and all of the old American cars they have
and treasure in Cuba - owners actually park them in their
homes at night and make parts/fluids to keep them
running...Ever since I have wanted to visit Cuba.  I
imagine it to be like walking into 1954...This display of
all things Cuba stopped me in my tracks!
So chic, so it!

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