Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shop Around the Corner...Maison de Mer

Maybe a year or so ago I happened to notice a new little shop not far from my house…it’s on a strip near the beach that is mostly populated with salon’s & restaurants so a home goods shop isn’t necessarily expected here but you know my radar is going to hone in on a window full of beautiful furniture & accessories.
Maison de Mer
222 Humphrey St, Swampscott MA
When I first visited Maison de Mer it was a very little shop but full of wonderfulness - French country ooo-la-la!  It is a small single proprietor business – the kind where your dollar really matters in its success (or failure) and feels like it when you enter to a warm greeting from the owner.  I have been back a couple of times and have purchased some really fun trinkets for friends - but it had been a while since my last visit. 
Love, love, love this tray!
A few weeks back I had been driving by on my way somewhere with no time to stop and this picture was in the window just calling me but I had no time to linger so I begrudgingly kept moving.
So fun - retro reproduction painted on
Well yesterday I happened to be out on a couple of missions – spray paint for a new bamboo headboard  I recently bought (struck out yesterday) and trim for that bathroom curtain that just doesn’t seem to be sewing itself.  As I was passing on my way back home that picture called me again.  Little did I know that there were more inside…
now I just have to decide which one I can't live without
and where it will hang in my house..I'm thinking bathroom?
As I mentioned it had been a little bit since I had last been in and to my pleasant surprise Maison de Mer had expanded and doubled the space!  I’m so happy to see she is doing well enough to expand…certainly gives hope that small local business isn’t dead here on the North Shore! 
What could be more inviting than a farm table?
Love cool to mix the feminine of
a teacup on such a very rustic display
Maison de Mer is more than just retro pictures - toile, florals, transferware they have it all.  This is also one of those shops that mixes vintage pieces with new pieces.  I love that!  It’s so reflective of how to live with vintage pieces without it becoming throwback.  I love vintage (obviously) but definitely want my home to feel modern and comfortable.  Dare I say livable?  Well, Maison de Mer is perfect for mixing old with new for livable results.
I couldn't help it....she was having a 25% off sale

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