Monday, October 24, 2011

Playing Hooky

So this past weekend started a little earlier than most for me.  A couple of my closest friends and I decided to “play hooky” on Friday and have a girls day.  It had been a while since we had all been able to catch up so it was overdue and such a great idea!  Unfortunately the weather was not very cooperative for much outdoor activity but luckily we adapted…..and went shopping.
Once & Again
45 Bridge St., Salem MA
photo courtesy of Kate Nolan-Denham
After a beyond yummy breakfast at the Pilgrim Diner we headed toward Ipswich to see what mischief we could find.  Ipswich is such a picturesque little town it’s a wonderful place to spend an afternoon on a nice day plus there are some lovely little shops on the way. 
The Pilgrim (Deb's) Diner
4 Boston St., Salem MA
photo courtesty of Yelp
The first shop we hit was a revisit for us – Once and Again in Salem MA.  We were immediately greeted by this friendly face.  Her name is Cookie and she is such a love…having a shop pet is just part of the charm of a locally owned/run shop.
Offical Once & Again Greeter
I did remember from our visit last year that Once and Again had wonderful chandeliers but let me tell you they had so many more than I remembered - great options from all design styles.  I can’t imagine anyone not finding something they loved here – I know we all found several fixtures we loved.

Just one of the many rooms of chandeliers and a rare moment
with me in the photo
photo courtesy of Kate Nolan-Denham
One of the other things I love about Once and Again is that most of the items in this shop are “retro” antiques not “serious” antiques.  I always think the “retro” finds are much easier to live with and actually use.  I’m always worried I will do something to destroy either the integrity or value of super serious antiques. 
Love the color of this cabinet.  The green
depression glass & Fire Kingware is just
a bonus!
Looks just like any other dresser but it's
really a bathroom the
repurpose!  If I only had a large enough
bathroom to accomodate it...

After we left Once and Again we meandered up the road for a bit and hit a couple of not really blog-worthy consignment shops (although perfectly lovely they didn’t offer the spectacular array of goodies I usually love to pass along). 

Mid-afternoon we landed at Wenham Tea House and let me tell you this was such a gem of a find.  We had so much fun sipping their delectable blueberry tea and enjoying scrumptious scones.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Wenham Tea House….they host private parties too!
Simply Delectable!
As a bonus there is a tea shop where you can purchase the yummy tea and beautiful cups and teapots.  
The Exchange at Wenham Tea House
4 Monument St., Wenham MA
photo courtesty of
We had such a good time meandering we really didn't get to Ipswich before closing time.  That's ok, it was such a fun day playing hooky - we will have to do it again soon girls!

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