Monday, March 28, 2011

A Room with Another View..

It has been so nice to hear all the positive comments on my blog so far.  There have been quite a few requests for more pictures though so here you go….
Here is my inspiration room.  I loved the sophisticated color of Sara’s room but as I mentioned I just couldn’t get there with the match so I went with another neutral that I am truly happy with.  I so love Sara’s room in its entirety (especially the sofa) but I did not want my room to be quite as feminine so her room is truly an inspiration room – my goal was not to simply copy it but infuse some of her elements into my style.  I stole her accents of red idea – a color choice I never would have added on my own and it really does bring some punch to both of our rooms.

This is the front side of my room before:

It’s hard to see but, there was a built-in wooden valance above the windows.  The afternoon of day I closed on the house I left the lawyers office and drove directly to my new house.  One of the first things I did that afternoon was to remove the valance (and the hundreds of screws holding it up) and take the very dusty curtains down.  I left the window shades in place for privacy until I had decided on what I was going to install for blinds.  My room stayed that way for a while – a good long while during which I tested paint sample after paint sample….
These are the front windows now:

I have installed wood blinds in the rest of my house so I was a bit concerned about installing the cellular shades here but I really wanted the ability to close the blinds for privacy yet open them wide to let the light in.  This room gets tons of sun so I really wanted to let it shine in.
I don’t seem to have any before pictures of the other side of my living room but I am confident given the other pictures I have shared you can easily imagine the before shot.  Here is the after:

The door is my front door and there is a small vestibule between it and the outdoors – it was a faded brown color when I moved in kind of like baking chocolate that has been sitting too long and has that white coating. Not attractive!  My first plan was just to replace the door with a French door but I was a bit concerned with the lack of privacy as well as keeping heat in during those cold winter months here in Boston. 
So, while mulling my door issue over I happened upon a picture in a Serena & Lily catalog (love, love, love their linens) that gave me the inspiration to do something similar to my door. 

I have to say I love it now, I never thought a little paint would make such a difference but it really does help balance the window on the opposite wall (from last post picture).
So, that’s the finished product in its entirety.


  1. Thanks for popping by La Dolfina.
    It's lovely to meet you and may I welcome you to this wonderful place we call Blogland.
    You're going to love it here :)


  2. Love the update! I was able to show Scott all the hard work you have done in this room, too. He was impressed. :) Which room is next???

  3. Putting those blinds really benefited you well. I mean, with those on, you can control how much sunlight you want to enter your home. That being said, you can save energy during day time by opening the blinds since you won’t need to use much electricity.


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