Saturday, March 19, 2011

Begin the begin..

Ok so here goes….
I’m very new to this “blog-o-sphere” world and generally a very private person who does not put it all out there but I have deemed 2011 the year of change in my world so I’ve made a decision to move forward with something that has been in my mind for literally years.  I don’t know how it’s all going to work and I don’t deal well with failure (especially a public failure) but I’ve finally accepted that by not even trying that automatically defaults to failure and I’m really not ok with that so I’m moving into this very public forum and pushing forward.
I am not a jump two feet first without looking kind of girl so this journey may seem to crawl at a snail’s pace but as long as it’s moving ahead I’m ok with that.  I’m an analyzer, muller, idea processor (ok, obsessor – I know not really a word) – and believe me when I tell you I’ve been analyzing, mulling, processing for a while now.  I will share more details as they unroll but for now all I really have that is somewhat concrete is the name…Babiole de Windsor.  What do you think?  It means baubles of Windsor in French – very international of me right?
Again, I imagine this journey to be slow and thought out so I’ll keep y’all entertained with some other fun random things along the way too (some of my fav places to go, new interesting spots, and likely updates on my ongoing house projects - they are never ending!).

Ta for now

PS:  oh yea, I have no idea what I am doing with all of this so it should be a very interesting journey J

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