Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gold to Chalk Chapter 2...The Mirror

A hundred years ago (well really probably  more like 7 or 8 years ago but you know how time flies) I was at an Andrews & Andrews auction in Northport Maine (I originally told you about Andrews & Andrews in this post) and picked up an end lot of goodies…some linens a couple of glass pieces and this little lovely…

All for a total of $5 (plus the 12.5% buyers premium the auction house charges).  This was for sure a bargain by anyone’s definition.

The mirror was definitely “aged” but that look worked perfectly in my old Marblehead apartment with its rustic wood beam ceilings.  Sorry I don't have any pics of said rustic was long before I started to think to photograph everything for the blog so you'll just have to use your imagination here.

It still worked in my 1929 bungalow but…..

I needed a change…I used to start packing when the need for change impulse hit me…now apparently I paint….probably a healthier way to manage an aversion to commitment so apparently I’ve experienced some personal growth ha.

The During...painters tape & brown paper protected the glass

So, I pulled out my Annie Sloan Ochre Chalk paint, but knew I wanted a pop of color for the stripe inside the frame.  I have this fun picture on the wall in my dining room so thought pulling the red into another piece might be a good look.

All chalked up and ready for some milk

After much contemplation and blog surfing I decided to give Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in tricycle a try.
It was not my first experience with milk paint but was my first time trying Miss Mustard.  I don’t really think this small stripe was enough for me to really have a strong opinion yet but I have another project coming up that will definitely give me a better idea (stay tuned).

Initially I used a sponge "brush" to apply the milk was a little messy & clearly the wrong applicator
So I went back with a smaller art brush & free handed a much crisper line.  I have a pretty steady hand so have
more success free handing than taping where there isn't the clean edge that the glass provided
 Once I had it painted and put on the clear wax it definitely didn’t quite have the depth I was looking for so I added the dark wax and we’re much closer for sure.

Waxed with the clear wax and ready for a coat of dark wax.  I read it was better to apply the clear under the dark but
I'm not sure I noticed a big difference in application.  But this is a very small piece so I'm not sure it's a fair test

But…I’m still not totally sure this ended up where I wanted it to go…

Finished & hung...for now

I have a strong feeling we aren’t quite there yet.

What do you think…maybe a Annie Sloan Provence Chalk Blue stripe instead?  Maybe a pretty paper decoupaged in to create a patterned "stripe".  Maybe some silver or bronze or even copper rub-n-buff?  So many more possibilities to contemplate…


  1. I love it! Great color choice. I was afraid you were going to paint over the pretty scene! lol

    I hope you'll come see My Daughter's Master Bath Redo! #83 at Met Monday.


    1. Thank you Allison! No worries over the pretty scene - I love it too and love the subtle color of it. Your daughter's master bath redo is amazing! Love that chandelier that she hung - just perfect.

  2. It turned out wonderful! And I love that cherry painting too...makes me want to paint. Always love a good makeover :)

    1. Thank you Sherry - yes the Cherries bring some fun to the room. I only wish I could paint with that level of talent :)

  3. First of all, thank you so much for visiting my blog, commenting, and becoming a follower. I appreciate it!

    I think the addition of the red to the mirror is perfect and you need do nothing more to it.

    I've been looking back through your prior posts and I can't believe you live so close to me! We were even at the same estate sale in Melrose! Perhaps we can have a blogger meetup some time.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      I'm always excited to see fellow North Shore bloggers so of course had to follow/comment/etc when I stumbled into your blog.

      How crazy is it that we were at the same Melrose sale (I love the Essex St Antique sales) - that one was a good one...I'm still trying to find a home for some of the goodies I picked up that day.

      A blogger meetup would be fun :).



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