Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Brief Winter Break in Charlotte

As you may have seen on the news here in Boston we have been directly in the path of a “weather event” over the last couple of days…wow did we ever get hit!  We got walloped with a massive 2 feet of snow overnight on Friday and are still trying to dig out.  Luckily we did not lose power at my house though so no complaints here.

My driveway seemed to be perfect for catching the drifts...the snow was well over 3 feet...My front doorsteps
were also buried beyond recognition.  It sure is pretty though...
This was definitely a wake up snow after my week last week where I was not unhappy to leave the very cold temperatures of Boston for the much more temperate climate of Charlotte for a couple of days.  Two days of over 60 degree temperatures was very welcome plus I love Charlotte…it really is such a wonderful city and the people are so darn nice.

The majority of my first day was spent in meetings but I did manage a couple of hours to do some exploring.  There were a couple of places I had discovered on my last Charlotte visit I wanted to refresh my memory on.

The first one is Classic Attic and is well worth the time to pop by.  This is kind of a cross between an antique store and a consignment store…some old, some new, all pretty.

This tole chandelier is almost worth adding a new ceiling light to somewhere in my home..if
I only knew where...

They have a back room FULL of custom drapes.  I’m not sure but they look like they are custom made for sale at this store.  I also didn’t really check prices but judging from everything else at Classic Attic I would guess that they are fairly priced.

Custom curtain many choices...all lovely and beautifully made

I ended up toting this lovely back to Boston.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a piece of pink depression glass that called to me and was priced reasonably.  Sometimes I can’t believe how much this stuff goes for!

My second stop of the day was the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall and let me tell you I could spend hours in here…and probably would have if my feet were not rebelling from being in heels all day (cement+heels = NO).

This tin cabinet is so cool...I love the nautical look

This place has EVERYTHING you can imagine both newer and old and very old.  Full disclosure here though, I personally think some of their pricing leans on the high side…but that being said there are bargains everywhere and I fully believe pay what you think something is worth to you and you will never feel like you overpaid.

Just imagine all of the fun things you could display in this...would be just beautiful with sparkly lights inside

In any case, Sleepy Poet is a great place to spend some time and see every kind of thing you could ever want.

The before to the left and the after to the right....looks very similar to my bedside cabinet facelift

Oh my, I love this!  I don't know what it is about orange it's just such a fun pop of color.

Just one of several walls of antlers...kind of cool

Day 2 was totally full of work but was fun none-the-less.   I was lucky enough to tour a coffee plant and learn all about roasting, packaging & shipping coffee.  It was interesting and wow did it smell awesome!  Kind of like Hersheytown for adults (the aroma of coffee permeated the neighborhood in a very awesome way).

The coffee cupping...they do this several times a day on many, many lots to ensure consistency in taste & quality

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  1. I'm amazed at all that snow! Hope you're able to dig out soon. We haven't had snow yet this Winter, but I'm still hoping for some before Spring comes. It's a treat for us because it's never guaranteed. LOL! Those shops in Charlotte look nice. Isn't it fun to shop out of town? There's always something new to see. I love all those antlers that the one shop had!


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