Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Last Bit of Fun in Amish Country - Country French Collection

On my last sweltering day in Lancaster I was assessing what I had missed and what I really wanted to be sure I saw before heading out of town.  Since we had the 5pm curfew the previous day thought a quick swing by Route 272 Adamstown was on the agenda…just to be sure I hadn’t missed anything really, really, really good.  I’d really hate to think I missed the boat because of an early close time.

So, with this thought I did a quick detour on my way home and hit a couple more of the shops along Route 272.  The good news is that we hit most of the high points with our stops the prior day.  The bad news is that we hit the most of high points with our stops the prior day. 

Country French Collection
2887 N Reading Road (Rt 272)
Adamstown, PA
The one exception was Country French Collection – this shop is in a renovated old barn and is just beautifully perfect for French Country style furnishings and accessories. 

The walls of this barn were so incredible!  Such character!
Upon entering I was greeted by the owner who was one of the most lovely ladies I have met in quite a while.  She was originally from Iowa but had lived quite the glamorous life as a model in New York many, many years ago.  She ended up in a corporate job and after years of corporate America ultimately decided to walk away and start this French Country business 20+ years ago.

The owner told me she used to import this copper ware from
Europe and did very well with both inventory and sales.  These
days her inventory has dried up so she is forced to import it from
China.  She even has several Chinese customers who purchase
from her and resell it!
The furnishings she sells are beautiful and truthfully have a beautiful price tag as well…sometimes just admiring beauty is enough right?
This antique coal stove is almost
a work of art with such a
beautiful design.  All I could think
of must weight 5 tons!
And her shop style is very singularly focused on French Country so if this is not your look you might want to just stop to admire the beauty of the renovated barn (it really is a beautiful structure!).

Can you say French Country...
I tend to like to mix styles (however, I wouldn't necessarily say eclectic) so a little French country is just lovely in my world.

Such a beautiful bistro table...the colors are so wonderful
and it has a beautiful patina from its age
This ended up being the perfect stop to wrap up a perfectly lovely visit to Amish country.  Fairly appropriate my visit ended up in a fabulous barn isn’t it.

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