Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don’t Mess with Dallas – Uptown Country Home

This spring was a crazy travel spring for me - I was all over the place for 4 months. 

Before I even visit some cities I just know they are going to be good.  This was the case with a work trip to Dallas a few weeks ago. 

The picture of the big haired blond lady with bright red lipstick came immediately to mind and I just know this stereotypical imaginary woman has a highly decorated McMansion.  She’s buying (and selling when she redecorates annually) her home wares somewhere and I had every intention of finding these shops and squeezing a moment into my schedule to stop by for a perusal.

So, in order to most efficiently utilize my time I did a quick scan of some of the décor blogs I frequent and came upon Material Girls who has a whole ton of info of where to find the decorating gems in a handful of cities around the country. Given limited time and what looked to be an abundance of options I ended up picking a few that looked like they might just fit the bill and headed south. 

My plan was once I arrived at my hotel look at the geography and narrow my selection further based on the location to where I was staying.  That is how I ended up on the doorstep of Uptown Country Home.

Uptown Country Home
3419 Milton Avenue
Dallas, TX
Uptown Country Home does a lot of merchandising by color
I just love the pop of red!
Another example of why merchandising by color works...
this blue vignette makes such a strong color statement
Uptown Country Home specializes in repurposed/recycled cottage style furnishings & accessories – fun, fun, fun stuff at this place. 

Shabby Chic...the glass knobs add such pizzazz to this dresser
Fun, fabulous mirror framed with different leftover
moldings, handles and scrabble!
I recently replaced all of the windows in my home and
I am so glad I kept several of the old ones for possible
projects...this is actually exactly what I had in mind for
one of them...message board, magnetic bulletin board, etc.
Isn't this an awesome repurpose of old doors...
it's Uptown's checkout counter!
The are located in a really quiet “neighborhood” so it feels like a main street in any small town and the shop itself was far smaller than I had expected but wow it is just filled with wonderfulness!

Huge selection of message wall art
If you are a “clean lines” decorator this is not the place for you but if you have an appreciation for unique, cool recycled wares I highly recommend making time for a quick visit.

And finally...a coffee percolator
repurposed as a lamp

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