Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Foreside Consignment

What is there better to do on a long holiday weekend then BBQ and socialize with family & friends?   Visit your favorite resale shop between all of that socializing of course…
This past weekend I was in Maine with my family and decided to pop by a somewhat new shop that opened last winter in Falmouth.  Foreside Consignment Gallery is on Route 1 and my first visit to them was last December about a month after they opened. 
Foreside Consignment Gallery
211 US Route 1
Falmouth, ME

My assessment after my winter visit was that this shop has GREAT location and so much potential.  The product selection was eclectic and interesting and prices weren’t bad considering its location (in a town “with money”).  The only downside was they were really light on stock – understandable considering it was only 1 month open and right after Christmas.
Well, this weekend as I was driving by with no intention of stopping there was a huge sign out front that said “Estate Sale” and what appeared to be a fair amount of furniture in the parking lot for sale.  Now you know I’m not passing that one by…
May 29th Foreside Consignment Estate Sale

What I found was a friendly sale with so much selection both in furniture, accessories and miscellaneous goodies it was hard to not load my car up!  Apparently the owner of this shop comes from a family of dealers – father, brother, sister.  The “estate sale” goodies were items that were leftover from an auction her brother had held.  Beautiful furniture items, really.
I was chatting a bit with the woman at the register (the owner’s cousin) and was heartened to hear that in the 6 months that this shop has been open that business was busy enough that she now needs 2 people working in the shop.  So nice to see a small local business thriving!!!
She said that inventory turns very quickly and I can tell you I did not see a lot of merchandise that had old tags on it.  This shop is one of those whose price tags are color coded and have prescheduled discounting every 30 days so you can see exactly how long the merchandise has been sitting in the shop.  The back of each tag will look something like this:
Foreside Consignment Gallery
Pink Depression Glass Compote
After April 17th                      $62.51
After May 17th                       $41.69
After June 16th                      $37.50

I love this set up – it ensures quick turning of inventory (you’ll always find something new) and gives the customers opportunity for discounts without having to ask!
Foreside has new consignment as well as antiques so if you are looking specifically for antiques you need to be alert to what’s reproduction and what’s old.  The somewhat smallish shop is entirely consignment so the mix of merchandise really is eclectic and subject to change depending what is brought in by sellers.  All in all good stuff!

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