Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hit The Road...How Could I Have Forgotten!

Holy Cow I can’t believe I forgot to tell you all about one of my favorite places to find decorative items in all of Atlanta!  Have you all heard of or seen a catalog for Ballard Design?  I kind of describe them as the French Countryish version of Pottery Barn – they have fabulous looking things!  Well, their corporate headquarters is in Atlanta and here’s the real bonus…they have 2 retail outlets in Atlanta!  One is on DeFoors Avenue right next to their corporate office off I-75 on the western side of the city and the other one is on Holcomb Bridge road right off Hwy 400, exit 7A in Roswell.  I always make a habit of visiting both stores on my visit’s because believe it or not they have very different merchandise in each.  The Holcomb Bridge location is a true “scratch & dent” store where they sell returns, overstock and damaged product at bargain prices.  The DeFoors location used to be more of a warehouse environment but has transitioned into half scratch & dent/half full priced retail.  Neither location has everything that is offered in the catalog but do have a random offering that I am never disappointed with.
This trip I was on the hunt for 2 items that I am obsessed with but unwilling to pay the full retail price for….

British Royalty Pillow
Brit Pillow Ordering Link

Terra Cotta Rabbit Planter
Now as I mentioned these stores are a hit or miss experience and if you are looking for something specific it’s not guaranteed that you will find it.  Unfortunately, I was out of luck on this visit – no pillow to be found and the only planter they had in the store was full retail pricing and let me tell you this baby weighs much more than it looks so packing it and shipping or taking it on the plane were not great options.
What I did find however was another fun pillow that was not only on sale but an additional 50% off!…

Antique Hare Hooked Pillow
I love accent pillows they add color/fun to a room without any permanent commitment.
And this lovely jute tote in Pink. 

Monogrammed Jute Carry-All

They had probably 50 or so of these totes in all colors that were monogrammed with apparently mistake initials or returned totes and really how is Ballard going to resell a personalized tote?  Well, let me tell you how, they put them in their outlet store and sell them for cheap!  I paid I think $3ish for a med pink tote with the monogram KPA – close enough for me (who really knows my middle initial is D instead of A right?  there are lots of great names that begin with A that I can adopt for a $3 bargain).  It’s a great size and accommodates a laptop and files nicely for a spring work tote.
Last year on my visit to Ballard Design I wasn’t on the hunt for anything in particular but I did find this lovely picture that now brings some brightness to my bedroom.

Sea of Poppies Giclee Print

You never really know what you will find at Ballard but as I said earlier it is always worth a quick visit!

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