Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Kind of Town

In the last 10 years I have visited Chicago probably 8 or 9 times, almost always for business (except that one Braves vs. Cubs road trip with my good pal Jamie…go Braves).  For as much of an east coast girl as I am I do love the Windy City!  People are warm, it has a great walkable downtown, beautiful parks & museums, great shopping – what’s not to love? Ok maybe that ugly bitter wind whipping up off Lake Michigan in the middle of winter…that’s really what keeps me from ever seriously considering a move here.
Coming off the terminal at O’Hare today I was met by one of my absolute favorite Chicago institutions…Garrett Popcorn…OH MY! 

It was on that fateful Braves road trip that I was introduced to the popped heaven that is Garrett’s.  I’m not a huge popcorn lover but let me tell you the caramel corn literally made me stop in my tracks as I was walking down Michigan Avenue.  Back then they had a tiny shop on Michigan Ave where the line of customers wound around the small waiting area, out the door and down the street.  Jamie & I thought “really???? Who would be that insane to stand there and wait for popcorn” But somewhere in the back of our minds we were intrigued wondering just what kept people waiting in such a ridiculously long line.  So when we happened by and found the line was a bit shorter we gave in and waited the requisite minimum 20 minutes for a bag.  It was worth the wait (coming from someone who has no patience for waiting).  Today, not only have they moved into a bigger store around the corner but they also have a booth right next to security at O’Hare!  Perfect breakfast for the cab ride into the city!
So for this visit to Chicago I have a serious limitation on the amount of time I have to meander aimlessly looking for great finds.  I’m here for approx 48 hours and have 6 meetings and 3 business lunch/dinners scheduled – no time to hit my usual spots let alone find new ones.  I did do some preliminary research however just to see what might be close enough to my hotel that I could sneak away for a few minutes.  Most of the intriguing antique markets seem to be located close to Lincoln Park….not near where I am.
I had to get a little creative and dig a little but I’m happy to say I found not just a good but a great place online and its brick & mortar store was only 0.8 miles from the hotel.  From what I could tell from their website they specialize in vintage hotel silver & dinerware….definite potential.  So very quickly after I landed and arrived at my hotel I pulled out my map and headed to Posh (I even love the name) and I was so not disappointed….
613 N State Street, Chicago IL
If you love old vintage steamer trunks that are plastered with travel stickers this is the place for you. 
Guide to Paris - original (not reproduction)

Vintage Postcards

Although I didn’t actually see one steamer trunk at Posh they definitely specialize in vintage ware that is specific to the time when traveling was an elegant experience.  Lovely hotel silver, dishes from tons of famous historic restaurants & hotels, travel books from 75+ years ago (originals, not reproductions), tea towels with a vintage feel, a really cool collection of china commemorating Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, beautiful serving dishes, etc, etc. 

I could have literally spent hours peeking in every nook & cranny of this shop.  This is definitely not an antique store nor does it remotely resemble one but certainly sells vintage goods as well as vintage reproductions.
Well worth a visit!

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